Yep, you read that right. I was given a stick of sugarcane the other day when the “Cane Man” visited the orphanage where I volunteer. I brought my sugarcane home but didn’t have a suitable knife at home to chop it up! This called for a trip to the corner store…

At Hubbard’s, you’ll find all your general hardware store needs…and then some. Think: gardening tools, seeds, dishware, linens, toys, and machetes.

We took this bad boy home with us and became the proud owners of our first machete!

I discovered the trick to breaking down the sugarcane (for me, the first-time machete user) was peeling down the hard outer skin of the sugar cane first. Then, we used the machete to whack the peeled portion off.

After the sugarcane was peeled and cut into sections, I used my smaller chef’s knife (butcher knife probably would have been better) to cut the cane sections into even smaller pieces. Stick these in the fridge, and they make perfect summertime munchies! Stay tuned for a sugarcane recipe coming up later this week.