Cantonese (regional dishes from Hong Kong and southern China)
lotus root soup (leen ngow tong 蓮藕湯)
poached chicken or white-cut chicken (bak cheet gai 白切雞)
preserved salted kumquats (ham gum gut 咸金橘)
salt-baked chicken, easy version (yeem gok gai 鹽焗雞)
steamed egg (jing dan 蒸蛋)
wonton noodle soup (wonton mein 雲吞麵)

Chinese (regional dishes from around China)
dumpling skins / pork and cabbage dumplings, Beijing (jiaozi / guotie, 餃子 / 鍋貼)
hand-pulled noodle class, Beijing (la mian 拉面)
liang pi, Shaanxi (cold sesame noodles 凉皮)
mint salad, Yunnan (bohe shala 薄荷沙拉)
smashed cucumbers, Beijing (pai huang gua 拍黄瓜)
zha jiang mian, Beijing (fried sauce noodles 炸酱面)

Javanese sambal (sambal bajak)
nasi goreng
 (Javanese fried rice)

chilled soba noodles

budaejjigae (army base stew 부대찌개)
blanched scallion sashimi (paganghoe 파강회)
jjajangmyeon (noodles in sweet black bean sauce 자장면)

Southeast Asian
Burmese fish
durian sticky rice
mango salad
mango sticky rice
Taiwanese beef noodle soup (niu rou mian 牛肉麵)
yong tau foo (stuffed tofu and vegetables)

avocado smoothie (sinh to bo)
banh uot (steamed rice noodle sheets)
bo kho (vietnamese beef stew)
bun rieu (crab and tomato noodle soup)
chicken congee (chao ga)
egg soda (so da sua hot ga)
fried shallots and shallot oil (hanh phi, dau hanh phi)
ga xe phay (chicken salad), inspired by a version eaten in Vietnam
ga xe phay (chicken salad)
green papaya salad with shrimp and pork belly (goi du du)
mayonnaise, homemade (nha lam xot mai-o-ne)
mien ga (chicken glass noodle soup)
nuoc mam cham (fish sauce dipping sauce)
pho bo (beef noodle soup), with tutorial on stock making
pho ga (chicken noodle soup)
salt, pepper, and lime dipping sauce (muoi tieu chanh)
scallion oil (hanh la dau)
sugarcane shrimp (chao tom)
summer rolls (goi cuon), with tutorial on wrapping
tamarind chicken thighs (me ga dui)
tamarind paste and juice (me dan, me nuoc)
vermicelli noodle salad (bún)


American / Western
butter-poached lobster pasta with lobster roe sauce
frozen yogurt without a machine
pasta with fish sauce
Thanksgiving turkey

oil down: Grenada’s national dish
pumpkin soup with salted pork
steamed land crabs with Carib beer
cocoa tea

cooking at home (series): meal planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, my favorite appliances
dumpling skin tutorial

variations on quick noodle soups
coconut sashimi