I’ve become a bit of a coffee lover the last few years (thanks to a friend who gave me my first bag of Stumptown coffee beans… which was also my introduction to freshly ground beans and, later, the French press), but I still don’t often find myself cooking with it. Not long ago, I came across a recipe for roast beef–another classic dish I’ve never made and keep meaning to try–that is served with a coffee gravy. That piqued my interest, and I was further surprised to discover it to be a classic sauce in Southern cooking known as red-eye gravy. Well, now I am sufficiently intrigued, and I’m hoping to give both roast beef and coffee gravy a try in the not-too-distant future.

Have you ever tried coffee gravy? Do you make roast beef often in your home? If so, I would love some pointers before I make my first attempt!

Photos from here and here.