This dipping sauce is so simple, I feel silly posting a recipe for it. But I didn’t want to risk it being overlooked for its simplicity, as it is surprisingly tasty, particularly with grilled meats. I especially love it served with bo kho (Vietnamese beef stew) and bo luc lac (“shaking” beef). The fresh tartness of the sauce helps offset the richness of the meat. Vietnam also grows peppercorns (Phu Quoc island is known for its peppercorn farms), and I’d often see people grind the peppercorns themselves in a small mill, which makes for wonderfully fragrant pepper that further enhances this simple dipping sauce.

1 part kosher salt
1 part freshly cracked black pepper (or try it with white pepper as well)
wedge of lime

This dipping sauce is usually served on small condiment plates for each individual, with a wedge of lime sitting next to or over the salt and pepper, so that the diner can squeeze it him/herself.