Remember the trip I made to Malaysia back in August of last year? Well, it kind of started with my fascination with durian and all the folklore, culture, and controversy that surrounds it. You can read more about my adventures in my Washington Post story today, which includes an encounter with a farmer named Durian himself. [You can also submit questions now for the live chat today at noon. Chat closed.]

Durians at Chow Rasta Market in George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

On that same trip, I also stopped in Singapore, where durian season was just winding down, and I was able to get a taste of the famous Mau San Wang and Butter Durian. My friend Greg took me to his favorite durian seller who shows up a few times a year in front of the red Pek Kong Temple in Geylang Balestier. The only thing better about eating fresh durian is eating it with people who love it as much (or more than!) you, and I felt lucky to get to share in the festivities with Greg and his family.

Sadly, when I have a craving for durian these days, I end up getting a durian sinh to (smoothie) at the Eden Center out in Falls Church, VA, or getting a whole one (previously frozen, unfortunately) at Grand Mart. It will just have to tide me over until my next trip to Southeast Asia…