How do you eat your fried egg? Do you eat it with salsa? Tabasco sauce? Ketchup? Simple salt and pepper?

We grew up eating fried egg with Maggi sauce. :)

If you’re not familiar with Maggi seasoning sauce, it’s kinda like soy sauce with extra umami oomph. It seems to be popular in SE Asia, though the brand is Swiss, and in Europe it’s known more for its bouillon cubes and seasonings. I haven’t done a taste test, but I currently have the German Maggi sauce, mostly because I didn’t want to buy the one made in China. And, yes, it only came in the large size, which was $15 and has surprisingly gone faster than you would think (yikes). I basically stick to soy sauce for cooking and reserve Maggi for topping off things like steamed egg, banh mi, and sticky rice.

Have a happy Easter weekend! He is risen!

Images from here and here.